Slot Variances at Online Casinos

Online slots casinos offer members a range of both high variance and low variance slots to accommodate each player’s gaming preference. So if you are asking yourself what is a high variance slot machine, find out how this information can change the way players win simply by choosing a slot variance suited to their bankrolls.

High volatility slots are more popular amongst high rollers as they offer bigger rewards. Usually progressive jackpot slot games are classed under high variance slots as they are prone to payout larger amounts with more frequent bet amounts from the player.

When it comes to choosing a variance slot game based on winning and not solely on luck, players need to take a few things into consideration. Online slots come in variety, each have their own RTP percentages, they are either high variance slots or low variance slots, they offer different payout amounts and each slot game has a series of bonus games, winning combinations and symbols to activate these uniquely designed bonus rounds.

Bear in mind that high variance slot games can be infuriating as players will watch their bankroll slowly diminish before seeing any winning combos. This is generally why players wanting to win will opt for a lower variance slot and more often than not.

Knowing the Casino Slot Variance

Players don’t have to be professionals to determine whether a slot game is of high or low variance. Casinos or gaming reviews will generally divulge the information to players. If however, you cannot find the information, you should begin to see what the slot game’s true colours are through winning combinations. If players are landing fewer winning combinations they can expect to be rewarded handsomely, the question is when.

If players are landing winning combinations but the variance slots payouts are slim to none, chances are you are playing a low variance slots game and the strategy won’t change very much. This can help players determine whether or not they should remain playing or if they should move onto the next slot game for bigger rewards or more frequent lower payouts.

At times players get lucky and a high variance slots game may pay out substantial winnings and may continue to do so throughout gameplay, but the winnings are less frequent.

High Variance Slots vs. Low Variance Slots

The best high variance slots offer players massive payout sums unlike low variance slots which pay out smaller winnings but on a more frequent basis. Below are some of the perks from both variance options:

High Volatility Slots

  • Offer higher payouts
  • More fun to play
  • Bonus levels are more intricate
  • Larger jackpot amounts

Low Variance Slots

  • More popular than high variance slots
  • Wider online slots themed range
  • Pays out more frequently

Slot enthusiasts will agree that choosing a high or low variance game really just depends on the mood, time frame and budget. Lower bet amounts are ideal for low variance slots games, but upon playing high variance slots, players should be betting larger amounts as winning combinations are landed less frequently.

Essentially players who choose to enjoy the exceedingly rewarding payouts from high variance slots will enjoy bigger and better payouts but they will need to remain playing one game at a time in order to stand the chance of landing a winning combination. High volatility slots have been developed and launched for the patient player, the one who enjoys spending hours playing one game in hopes of unlocking that jackpot prize and the loyal player who returns to the same slot game in search of discovering the best slot game through unlocking bonus games and winning larger rewards than ever before!

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